Byron Bay Writer’s Festival

It was all hands on deck on opening day, Friday the 5th of August as Co-Chair of the #Byronwf2016 Jennifer St George directed traffic into the car park. After pumping water from the site for 36 hours and battling rain and high winds bringing marquees down, the festival opened to the sell out crowd.

2016 Top Tips for #Byronwf2016

Parking Clothing Crowds 

Parking is $5 Get in early to avoid delays. Be conscious of how you park. Be aware of where you park. There are lane numbers at the entrance to each row, take note either as you drive in or as you walk out. Your car may be easy to spot when you park it, finding it in a sea of metal later is a different matter.

Gumboots. The ground is wet, some of it is under water, with the crowds there is a lot of mud and slippery surfaces. Don’t get caught out with nice shoes and have to put plastic bags on your feet (great idea) Wear water proof boots with grip if possible.

Winds. The site is open to winds, layering is essential as the indoor venues can be warm. Jacket, scarf.

Poncho. Be crowd friendly don’t bring an umbrella instead opt for a plastic poncho that has the benefit of being easy to carry when not in use, covers your bag and books when rain is sideways and pokes no ones eyes out.

Crowds. Byron Bay Writer’s Festival is world class for writers and readers, it understandably attracts large crowds. Friday and Saturday’s tickets are sold out and there aren’t many tickets available for Sunday. If you are unable to obtain a seat for a session, you will be able to hear from the periphery. If you have a must see, sometimes sitting through the session before is advisable to ensure a seat. Please remember that aisles must be kept clear to provide fire exits.

Questions. Please be mindful that everyone in the audience must listen. Ask your question efficiently. Your bio, history and love for the speakers and when you met them previously is 9/10 not relevant to anyone else in the audience.

Essentials for #Byronwf2016

Gumboots & Poncho

Drink bottle. This is a no plastic water bottle site. You can refill your drink bottle at water stations.

Plastic bag to sit on if seats wet. Bring a face washer or towel to wipe seats and keep in plastic bag between sessions.

Program and Map Both available at the box office on entry.

Pen and paper. There’s too many great quotes and information not to have one or you can tweet it

Social Media Facebook and Instagram @byronwritersfestival, Twitter @bbwritersfest, #byronwf2016 We can’t as individuals be everywhere at once, so let’s keep each other informed with those gems by sharing them on social media.

Emerging author, Polly Jude and Kelly from the @ByronatByron enjoyed the sculptures placed around the festival sight. 


Blue Sky- Rainbows- Books 

Plan your own festival program from the world class line up. Be flexible and adapt to program changes and be open to new experiences, they could exceed your expectations.

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