Inspire No Excuse


Who inspires you? What are your excuses? How are your excuses holding you back?

We welcome the new year with celebrations as we farewell the past, lost but not forgotten. The past shapes us. We choose whether we let it define, consume us or just add another dimension to our story of being. Every scar, freckle and tattoo has a tale, some of them we plan, some of them happen without warning.

While I take stock on the last year, plan for the year ahead and continue in chaotic clutter – a creative’s right, I give thanks for those who have inspired me in the past year as I flow into the year ahead. The inspiration will keep me charging through the year ahead, in smooth times, lost inspiration, bumps and celebration. Perhaps these gems will inspire you or remind you too if your light flickers.

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Be real. Sam Hughes, amazing, athlete and action woman making the best out of what life deals us inspires me. Sam tells it like it is, there’s no sugar coating it. Everyday Sam steps up to the challenge of being rendered disabled after an accident happened on a family holiday. Making the most of what is. Sam’s husband Cameron Bloom’s book records Sam’s journey with the help of an angel, aka Penguin Bloom, a magpie who fell from the sky. This year the movie of Sam’s ordeal and beyond is directed by Reese Witherspoon, (Wild) with Naomie Watts portraying Sam, Bradley Cooper would be my hot tip for Cameron. Sam is a human-being true and real to who she is. No crap. No Bullshit. A Mum. A Lover. A Fighter. 

No Excuses

Age is not an excuse or barrier. Inexperience, uneducated, the mature older over too old. Seth Rogan wrote Superbad at age thirteen, Christopher Paolini wrote the Inheritance Cycle at fifteen,  Mathew Reilly self-published and marketed his first book at twenty, Bryce Courtenay started writing fiction at fifty after a full career in advertising. A woman, when I was at uni, invested time in herself after her husband died and children left home. At 86 she was embarking on her first degree.

Finances and lack of time are not an excuse, Stephen King wrote in snatches of time whilst working at a laundromat.

Fear of failure is not an excuse. Richard Branson has failed. He keeps getting back up and pushing himself further.

Kate Forsyth says, “Be Brave.” A reminder to believe in yourself and take the leap of faith.

Do what you love. Love what you do.

No work. No retirement.

Just life. Start living.

Be true to you. Be you. The real you, Quirks and All. Quirkistas wearing it with pride and just being themselves inspire me like my shoe queen, Kim Wilkins, Quirkistas Meagan Badger, Lauren Charter and fashion label Kitten D’Amore.

My menagerie. Friends. Family. The faithful support team.

Daily Grace. It’s the small things. Living the life in each moment. Observing nature and breathing among it. The growth, the harvests, the gathering and of course death. Balance and Bouncability. Assessing, adapting to any situation. For me, I’m still breathing my yoga mantra of “let – go” with each inhalation and exhalation.

Knowing that ma8ik is everywhere, like Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it. You can do it.”

If all else fails I’m going to aim for “Happy Days,” like Jamie Oliver says.


So for me I hope if I get diverted this year I can return here and find my way forward knowing that #lovelife #CelebrateCreativity #LiveURLife #WitersRetreat @TheTorrBexhill #amwriting #amediting #doingwhatIlove #Imaginationisreal #magik #keepsmeafloat

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