What are you celebrating?

Having just celebrated  Lammas, the festival of the harvest. My harvest of digital media, eggs, mangoes, pine cones, grapes and vegetables may look very different to the harvests of old Celtic times but the ritual and intent are timeless.

Lammas recognizes the first harvest, originally, the first wheat harvest.Traditionally, wheat would be ground and baked into a loaf of bread which would be broken into quarters and a piece placed to honor with intent the four directions, representing the wheel of life. This first loaf was believed to act as a channel for magic and offer protection.

Wholistic Life Harvest

To me in our contemporary time Lammas represents the product of my labors in my crops, flower beds and career. It is a time to take stock and recognize what you have achieved, where your path took you on an unexpected journey to new treasures. A time to be grateful. It’s the small things for me. The little breath of rejuvenation when I collect a warm egg from under a hen, or arrange flowers into a vase, or distribute baskets of produce to friends. It’s these bounties that keep my feet close to the earth and my heart aligned with the cycles of nature and grounded in the busy chaos that modern life can become.

Living a wholistic* lifestyle I don’t just harvest my gardens, I harvest my life.

I take time to be still and celebrate my achievements, I laugh at my goofs, even the cringe worthy, and I enjoy the quirkiness of being me. If you are like me, this one event reminds me to stop, be still, recognize and be content, somehow in the busy the recognize part is usually lost. It also helps me to align with intention where I want to be a year from now and what sort of journey I wish to enjoy. There are many paths to the same or similar destination.



I revitalize my CV by updating details for the past year. I am often surprised by what I’ve done and it’s the first time I realize, yes I did do that. Time seems to pass more quickly as I get older, often events and accomplishments melt together. I also revamp my digital media platforms, plan and create marketing strategies for the year ahead.

One of my intentions for the coming year is more self care and being single and Valentines approaching I am choosing to be my own Valentine and enjoy a garden and spa day with a good book.

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I have also been sinking into the earth more and reaching for the stars by planning with the cycles of the moon and astrological flows. I have one free Moontime Diary 2017 to give away for one lucky person to do the same. To enter just share this post and comment below on what and how you are wholistcially* celebrating your life harvest.

Postage to be met by winner if outside Australia.
(*spelling intentional)


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