Quirks & All Site is Being Updated


I’m currently updating information found on the site. Feel free to contact me if a page hasn’t been completed yet or you have further questions, I only bite sometimes.

Quirks & All Blog

Celebrating Creativity

Quirks and all is my blog, because it’s all about me, ALWAYS. It’s all about you and sharing resources you can put into action. I love business and marketing. I’ve always taught. I’ve been in publishing and business 23 years and teaching/coaching/facilitating for 25 years.  I am an author, structural editor and facilitator.

There will also be laughs as, I am a complete nut, probably a pistachio. I have a growing global menagerie and am an animal and environmental advocate. I have been diagnosed by my son, as a Ditsaphrenic ie someone who suffers from ditsy accidents daily.

Quirks and all is my blog dedicated to recording creativity, life, love and laughter. 

Business & Marketing

As a specialist in strategic digital marketing with a focus on creatives in business, I hope to share resources that will assist your own endeavors, facilitating goals into accomplishments and taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

The digital matrix and internet is alive. Algorithms, SEO and social media components are constantly evolving I aim to assist you ride the wave as opposed to being left behind.

Writing, Editing & Publishing

Writing for business, marketing or developing a manuscript? AS a structural editor and copywriter I am looking forward to sharing writing, editing tools and techniques to keep you in flow from copy writing for your web or blog through to your novel. The publishing industry is in a state of flux, I hope to keep you abreast of the changes.


I am a complete bibliophile. It’s not hoarding if it’s books, it’s building a library for future generations. I believe the same applies to buying land to regenerate for wildlife. I’m an avid reader and look forward to bringing you not only my editorial clients books but a range of published books across varied genres.

I embrace my creativity and quirkiness and I invite you to laugh with me (more likely at me) and love me quirks and all as we journey together on a creative adventure.

Quirk you later



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