Is Your Business Safe?

The Time Is Now


5 Initial Steps to Stability


There’s never been a better time to up-skill. The time is now to plant the seeds of knowledge that support us in the future.

The internet is alive and social media constantly evolving. The necessity to adapt to digital platform changes can be a challenge, especially if you don’t understand the different marketing functions of various platforms and their ranking systems.

To stay up to date and ahead of the game with a digital matrix that gathers your B2B and B2C target audience tribe, engages them and converts your CTA into $ with a strong ROI, it is more important than ever to stay current and aware of algorithm and SEO changes, as well as monitoring markets, competitors and utilising appropriate management programs. Thinking about it can be exhausting but it all comes back to solid business foundations.


Your foundation starts with a business plan which is revised quarterly, a marketing plan and separate strategic digital marketing plan. Your digital marketing plan should assess, adapt and action plans concerning your unique calendar, content marketing, copy, digital PR/ platforms and presence, social media, video marketing, email marketing, website, blog, e-commerce and your complete digital matrix. If you don’t take the time to analysis – program – action – adapt -assess and repeat, your digital marketing matrix will be working against you, not for you.

The keystone to your foundation in any business is branding.

Your brand is your mortar.

I often have new clients who are either starting a new business, have a great idea or have been in business and it’s become a routine, most of them don’t have a business or marketing plan when they come to me, or they aren’t’ clear on their brand.

Everyone has a brand based on public perception, it’s better to direct and define your brand than to be an open target unawares. Your brand is reflective of your business and essential to longevity and success.

Don’t float. 

You are the captain of your ship and you need to plan, adapt and steer the course.

Let’s get clear on where you are now:

What is your complete brand?

What digital imprint is your brand leaving?

Do you have an updated business plan?

Do you have a marketing plan?

Do you have a digital marketing plan?

Have you lost direction? Are you being strategic or just floating?

Do you need help?

Are you still paying for social media boosts and ads? Are you only on two platforms or only Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest? Do you understand the evolving social media landscape and digital matrix?

Do you understand how to effectively and time efficiently plan, program, manage and apply your digital matrix to propel your profile, authority and business forward to achieve brand awareness, engaged clients and a target audience that promotes you and generates sale conversions for you through positive word of mouth? Are you retaining business integrity and brand authenticity?

This is doable. Start with your brand. Get clear and complete each step before progressing.

5 Initial Steps to Stability



  1. Brand Analysis
  2. Business Plan
  3. Marketing Plan
  4. Digital Marketing Plan
  5. Digital Matrix Overview and Strategic Plan

The most important step is putting these plans into action. Be proactive. Assess quarterly and adapt. If you don’t adapt you stagnate.

You don’t need to do this alone.

I specialise in Strategic Digital Marketing, and combine performance coaching,


business mentoring and my experience as a facilitator into a uniquely tailored session just for you to meet and exceed your marketing needs. Two hours, one on one collaborative consultations are available in Byron Bay or via other arrangements . The focus is 100% on you and your business. Let’s identify your goals and change them into accomplishments. Book now by texting 0437 327 909 or email.

I have 4 one on one sessions available in July at half price for past student’s text me for details.


If you prefer learning within a group is running six of my courses (in Byron Bay and Mullumbimby) this term and include:


Website Design and Creation

Structural Editing


Email Marketing

Social Media for Business

Video Marketing

If you live in NSW and book at one of the college offices you may be eligible to receive a FSK funded place = huge discount ie often two-day course is under $100. So, there’s no excuse not to up-skill.

Follow my Quirks and All blog where I share business, marketing, reading and writing advice and adventures on my mission to celebrate creativity.

Look forward to collaborating soon,


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