Active VS Pro-Active

Dump Hump Day

31Q8jG35ZEL_SL500_AA240_When I was young I used to love reading and collecting the Mr Men books by Rodger Hargreaves and later the Little Miss books. One book I remember was Mr Busy. Most of us are probably either guilty of his story or know someone who is. You know, the person who is running here there and everywhere, running around being very busy. So busy in fact, because everything is “very important” but nothing gets completed or done. The to do list is ever growing and always added to. Nothing is prioritized. The toleration list of the undone or half finished tasks is ever growing and never done.

Mr Busy, as I remember him was always scheduling appointments and making lists. To him, in his mind, business equated with worth. Nothing was complete and everything seemed to be done at such a rush and great rate of knots it was less than mediocre.

Busy -ness, whilst on the outside is very active and looks like a whirlwind of frantic success, is a recipe for disaster. The details are overlooked. The quality is lacking.

Being active in “busy” achieves a lot of half-dones and is a form of self sabotage and procrastination. If this may be you, ask yourself do you actually want to complete the task? What’s holding you back from completing the task? Do you think less of yourself if you aren’t busy? Are you placing importance on the rushing? Is it giving you some flase sense of worth?

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Choose to be proactive not just active. When we are proactive we are positively moving forward and turning that list of targets and goals you want to cross off into accomplishments instead of leaving them nearly complete and adding to the list to procrastinate or start a new task.

A lot of Mr Busy people use the activity to deflect the feeling of being overwhelmed as their list grows and in reflection of this, their life becomes more hectic and chaotic. They miss the all important chance to stop, slow down and be still. To just be. To breathe. To allow their body and mind to align and regenerate.

Choose to move Active into Pro-active. Choose to accomplish those goals.

  1. Grab a kitchen timer or set your phone for 5 minutes. You have five minutes to write a list of what you are tolerating. What is half done and needs completing. Start with the most immediate and important task. Once the buzzer goes. Let go of the rest. For now. Let go.
  2. Reset the timer. You have five minutes to set one achievable goal for today. Five achievable goals for this week only. Four achievable goals for the month. Stop. No more. Yes, you can apply this to different areas of your life eg health, career, education, relationships BUT we are doing this one achievable step at a time.
  3. Look over your two lists. Are your goals and targets achievable and realistic? Can you do it within the time frame? If you can’t take it off the list. To commence changing the busy habit of active to proactive we want achievable. We can push to higher goals and exceeding them later.

Start with basics and build the pro-active habit.

4. Create the time. Block it out in your diary. Support yourself in building accomplishments. These are set appointments to finish the task. Complete it and be proud.

I find it always helps if I align my day by first setting my intention  and visualizing what i will achieve in the day. I see myself completing it and I give myself those moments to breathe it into my day. How the day unfolds can be unpredictable but with clear intention and the focus on accomplishing a task I can adapt and flow to support that commitment to myself.

Banish the flippant, chaos of being an active Mr Busy. Let’s get Pro-Active and accomplish our goals. Be proud and open up your time for bigger opportunities. Intentionally align to complete your task with quality focus.

Share your journey. We are all in this together.

I look forward to connecting with you

& collaborating soon.



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