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My essentials for @bbwritersfest #byronwritersfestival minus my feline editor.


Don’t be put off by the name. Byron Bay Writer’s Festival is a festival for both writers and readers. It’s not exclusive for writers. If you enjoy reading, books and good conversation get yourself a ticket.

The main festival is set a short stroll from the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay, with various events spread across the Northern Rivers region, diversity of location, setting and topic won’t be a problem. The festival events are catalysts to initiate conversations on books, publishing, literacy, education, environment and politics. It’s a haven for bibliophiles and a sanctuary for creatives.

Tickets are still available at

What to Pack

The program is jammed packed, for me this is a problem because of F.O.M.O. I only get F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out) during publishing symposiums and writer’s festivals and book releases. Standing and waiting in ques for food, is not where I want to spend my time.

Tissues and hand sanitizer are a must, the toilets aren’t always stocked with necessities.

Your annotated program is a MUST, well, for me anyway. Even when I divert from my plans, it’s a good point of reference to who, where and what I’ve wandered into.

My essentials include a fully charged phone and refillable water bottle, ***Note: Byron Bay Writer’s Festival is a plastic bottle free event. Free water refills are available.

Maltesers (family pack to share, I love networking, connecting and collaborating), Turkish Delight (all mine. Mine. MINE.) Strawberries are great to share, apple, soft blanket for knees, umbrella, notepad and pen, business cards, I have my Captain America keeper cup full of hot coffee, and my Spiderman keeper cup full of fresh juice. Lip balm and moisturiser/ hand cream, I’ve always packed my @Pure.Nut organic macadamia lip balm and moisturiser, especially this time of year.

Sitting all day, I don’t want a meal/sandwich as it’s too much. I do enjoy sharing my Maltesers and Strawberries and they are always enjoyed by old and new friends.

What to Wear – Fashion


No need to wear gumboots like last year. No howling winds to blow us away like pages from a book. Last year, the mud was an obstacle to say the least. Plastic bags over fashionable shoes proved a trend. It may be an idea to just pack two plastic bags, just in case.

Perfect blue sky this year. Bring it on.

Layering clothes is ideal. The tents, rooms and beach all vary considerably in temperature. Comfort is key if you are planning to last the day, and especially if you are attending the full three days.


We have ideal weather forecast this year, with days of 22/23 degrees. As the first place, the sun kisses the earth is nearby, Mt Warning, the sun also starts to disappear from where we are first and the shadows can be cold. Breezes off the ocean this time of year can bite, and as the festival is so close to the beach a jacket is worthwhile packing.

Program – Essential item to pack

I devour my program in the weeks leading up to the festival. My despair is evident with yells of, “NooooooOOOOO” when there are three or four panels that are must-sees all on at the same time. I know who I want to see and plan my day, (despite being a eclectic, bo-ho, whirlwind of chaos naturally) usually despite all my planning, my Ditsophrenia (someone who suffers from ditsy accidents daily) leads me to stumble upon where I need to be and who I need to be with.

Social Media

Share your experience with those from around the globe who aren’t fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be at the festival this year. As a Strategic Digital Marketing Facilitator, I’ve listed a quick reference guide for social media. The digital matrix and its rules for engagement evolve constantly.

Facebook: byronwritersfestival share your candid moments and bloopers.

Twitter: @bbwritersfest use twitter for your favourite quotes. Don’t forget to mention the author/speaker with @theirusername

Instagram: byronwritersfestival let’s see your photos and moments. Put us in the picture, share that piece of perfect pie. No face forward selfies/pics.

Tags: The official tag is #byronwf2017 however there are other tags proving popular including; #byronwritersfestival2017 #byronbaywritersfestival2017 #byronbaywritersfestival #byronwritersfestival don’t use the old tag #bbwf as it is now used for other social media means.

Happy tagging

The Best Thing About Festivals

My favorite thing about festivals is that they bring like-minded people together. This is your tribe. Allow time for connecting and collaborating. Conversations, networking and opportunities for broadening your mind are abundantly on offer. Celebrating creativity and imagination is sure to manifest plenty of magic (ma8ik).  Be open to the opportunities and enjoy the day.

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I’d love you to share your favourite moments. Tag me in @CaldwellLiss #LissCaldwell

I’m looking forward to connecting and collaborating with you soon.


Liss Caldwell  

Facilitating Writers to Authors – Navigating pathways to publishing

Strategic Digital Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs 

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