The Why of Video Marketing

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Video Marketing is unavoidable whether you are a viewer or creating a memorable digital footprint for your brand as a business.

Video Marketing is now essential for all business brands @Byroncollege #ByronBay #Mullumbimby

Humans retain 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, and 70% of what we see and hear for example when we are watching videos which makes it a powerful marketing tool for brand imprinting. These stats aren’t new, marketers have known this for years which is why TV ads had previously been so popular with large corporations. However, now with the social media revolution and digital marketing tools and platforms we are able to style, create, edit and launch video campaigns ourselves. It just takes the proper tools (available to all) and the know-how.



Facebook alone is set to increase video streams to 96% next year. Video domination is a

Facebook leads the way to video domination #video #marketing

part of their 10 year marketing plan. We are in the fifth year. If you aren’t producing video for Facebook next year there’s no point being on it. The way Facebook and other social and digital platforms rank video is dependent on their algorithms. No matter which platform you choose, you can be assured that video is here to stay, especially with digital networks outranking TV networks. The winner is us, creative entrepreneurs and the viewer.


Video Marketing Results for Business

Using video marketing when done well, allows us to lead social media streams, increase connection with our target audience whilst growing our tribe and raising our ROI and conversion rates. We can accelerate our SEO, maximize engagement and grow our

2017-08-15 19.43.52
Increase conversions, sales, reach, engagement, ROI & SEO @CaldwellLiss #video #marketing

spheres of influence. All whilst increasing our brand reach and imprint.


Video has become an essential element for business to be able to shape their brand. It’s not hard to do well but it is easy to do very poorly and effect your brand if you don’t know basic techniques.

I have a couple of spaces that are closed off tomorrow this Sunday 10th September and 17th September, two-day experiential workshop in Video Marketing. We will be learning the why, how, where and when of creating strong video content for different social media platforms, blogs and websites. Start your own broadcasting channel.

If you are a social influencer, entrepreneur or have a product or service to market this course is essential for ensuring you aren’t archived and left behind as the market moves forward.

Secure your place now or call or visit Byron College before 12 Thursday the 7th September.

In other exciting news:

I have a project I have been working on which is set to launch on the 20th of September, so stay tuned. It should provide all of you with more resources and opportunities.

I’m currently travelling weekly to Brisbane and Sydney working with clients and facilitating. I am still available two days a week in Suffolk Park for private one on one consultations to assist you with Strategic Digital Marketing, Branding and Business Development &/or Structural Editing and your path as an emerging author.

Each session is unique and tailored to what you choose to focus on. My aim is to support you and facilitate you from where you are to where you want to be, bridging the gaps between goals and accomplishments. I’m passionate about authentic branding that is aligned to your vision allowing you to increase your ROI with business integrity and marketing with heart.

Each session is an investment in you and runs for two hours. Sessions are usually $160/hour mention this email when booking a session in September and receive $120 discount off your session. Email me or text 0437 327 909 to book.

I’m looking forward to connecting and collaborating soon,

Keep marketing with heart.



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