Hemingway for Life & Business

Is Your Business Booming?


Change happens “gradually and then suddenly,” Hemingway.

We are at nearly at the conclusion of the first month of the second quarter. Not sure how that happened but time is flowing by. Christmas and early bird specials are in the air. Spring has engulfed us with warmth and business is booming as we all become more active in reflection of the season.

Often people give up or stop when they hit the wall, or loose puff and they don’t realize how close they are to the break through. It doesn’t matter what you are referring to it could be your website, your social media platforms, your branding, or blog or entire digital marketing matrix… maybe it’s life or your business. Whatever it is change happens through persistence and then it flows. Change is like a snowball, it tends to gather momentum.

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I love Dory, the electric blue fish from Disney’s, Finding Nemo. I love her “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” mantra. Most of you have probably seen my Dory water container, I have a Dory coffee cup too which says “anything is possible.” I’m often telling myself little bit, little bit, one thing at a time. If you are overwhelmed just prioritise and action one thing until complete before commencing another task.

If you use lists to procrastinate. Stop. Just do it and keep at it.

Sometimes a good book or a friend (two or four legged) or taking a rejuvenating break and reconnecting with nature is enough to shift where we are stuck. If we nurture ourselves with the space to clear, align and reconnect we are often in a better frame of mental health and clarity to apply or learn new skills to keep us going. Even better to improve and deliver a superior outcome with an enjoyable journey.

It’s ok to take a break, just don’t give up. Remember the goal. Each action is one step closer to where you want to be. Even if you think you have failed. There is no success without failure. There is no failure if you learn from experience. Keep assessing and adapting what you are doing to get to your goal. If nothing changes there is no new outcome. If you don’t open space for change the results will be the same.

Success welcomes change. Opportunity brings change so take the risk and bet on you.


Do you need a business boost, Motivation and Clarity?

Business is booming. Secure your place for a one on one consultation with 100 % focus on getting you from where you are now to where you want to be, bridging the gaps between goals and accomplishments.

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Last Chance to Upskill at Byron College

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Last two day business workshops for 2017 – filling fast.

Social Media for Business

Video Marketing




New Opportunities – New Venue – Each Thursday

I’m really excited to bring a range of my experiential workshops to Eltham Valley Pantry. A great place to learn whilst enjoying the atmosphere, great food and good vibes.

October 12 Children’s Books – Plot -Edit- Pitch – Publish2017-09-25 11.32.522017-09-25 11.53.08

19 Digital Matrix – SEO, Social Media, Brand, Digital matrix and blueprint


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