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Quirks & All

Welcome to my blog, Quirks and All.

This is me and I’m sharing all of it.

My journey, my experiences and thoughts in business, digital marketing, restoring an over grazed property as a retreat and sanctuary for writers and wildlife, my writing process, my editing process, books, art and movie reviews. There may even be some of my Bridget Jones moments because I visualize pulling it (dating and life) off like Laura Croft, Wonder Woman or Salene from Underworld but present more like Luna Lovegood.

Fairest Servings in this FairThere’s no holding back.

I’m sharing it all, over twenty two years of business, marketing and publishing tools, tips and techniques to keep you savvy. I’m not sharing life tips but life experiences may unfold. I’m a Ditzaphrenic ie a term coined by my son to describe myself and others who suffer from ditzy accidents daily and repel technology. I’m a positive person and passionate about the environment, animals (I foster a growing global menagerie of animals orphaned by poachers and have a menagerie at home) and celebrating creativity. I’ve always taken the road less travelled (not always by choice). I’ve just been told I’m middle aged which I completely denied until google confirmed it, nearly 42.

The blog is categorized into Books (I’m a complete bibliophile with a growing private library), Movies, Business with Integrity, Digital Media, Marketing with Heart, Eco-commerce, Authentic Branding, Aligned Resonance, Lifestylepreneur. For progress and to follow my journey of rehabilitating The Torr – the wildlife & writer’s sanctuary please follow my personal page on Facebook.

I have always had a love for teaching, my career beginning as an equestrian coach and trainer, and as I combined studies in Sport Psychology, business & marketing I continued moving into business coaching and publishing successfully taking a magazine and adult education business global. I did this as a single mum also attending uni to study literature and teaching. Running a global education and coaching foundation, Light Star Pathways, training other practitioners and coaches enabled me to embrace my love of facilitating and empowering others through education and networking. I also enjoyed life as a teacher in independent schools.

Mid-year SaleFast forward twenty-three years, surviving two head injuries, learning to read three times so far this life time and now an empty-nester, I am loving life. All my experience and passions have culminated into one awesome melting pot of me. I’m a nut and prone to happy daggy dancing like a snoopy and this is why…when I turned forty everything united in the most amazing synergy, better than anything I could have imagined. All my previous endeavors, education and experience Shazzammed.

Now, I empower individuals and businesses through education and facilitate writers to authors by navigating pathways to publishing. I unite my performance, business, marketing and communication backgrounds with my experience from teaching and coaching to facilitate curriculum and progressive programs that are individually designed to bridge the gap between goals and accomplishments to take you from where you are to where you want to be. I assist RTO’s, not for profits, businesses, creatives and individuals resonate through their digital media with strategic planning, progressive development, authentic branding, marketing with heart so they can align their vision with their digital imprint and run a business with integrity. The more successful my clients are the more they can give back.  I’m a strong believer in ongoing professional development and up-skilling and walk this talk with a fierce determination.

I’m a motivated boho who enjoys the five star, trying to go off grid with a technically driven company. If you enjoy variety and a whole range of experiences you have found your perfect blog to follow in Quirks and All as I continue pioneering the Lifestylepreneur path I’ve been travelling for twenty three years. If you enjoy a laugh, (usually at me, occasionally with me) follow along and you may even gain some business, marketing and publishing savvy insights.

I’m hoping to bring a cauldron of my passions, ongoing education, experience and quirky, eclectic me to this blog. If this doesn’t work for you, I wish you well, I won’t be conforming. I’m a innovator and leader not a hustler or follower. If you want someone to agree with you all the time and say yes, wrong blog to follow. I like to push boundaries and I love a challenge.

I’d love you to hear who you are, what you do and where you are.

I look forward to connecting and collaborating with you along the way.


Author -Editor -Facilitator

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