Quirks & All Blog 2019 Towards 2020

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Hiya, Welcome.

I just wanted to check in so you know where I’m headed on this journey if you choose to follow, Quirks & All in 2019.

result_1499901455787I’m Liss, quirkster, bibliophile, branding / neuro-marketing / digtal media / lean business growth geek with an interest in nature, animals, the environment and lifestyle. I’m also a single, empty – nester with a menagerie.

I live on a property called The Torr, which I am rehabilitating in the Northern Rivers of NSW and in South Bank in Brisbane and present globally. I am a serial happy dancer, who dances like a daggy snoopy. I don’t believe in #humpday it’s #happydanceday.

My son has dubbed me “Crazy Chook Lady” and diagnosed me with “#Ditsaphrenia” ie someone who suffers from ditsy accidents daily.

Why am I sharing this with you?

I’m quirky and this blog is a eclectic assembly of my passions and interests. You don’t need to be keen to read it all, which is why I have the following categories for you to preference dive into including;

Business/Marketing/Digital Marketing #entrepreneur

We are talking fundamentals, growth with a focus on lean business and organic marketing based on expanding from a strong brand. These blogs are designed for business owners/managers and entrepreneurs and written with the entrepreneurial mindset of being an innovator and leader.

Writing/Publishing/Book Reviews #authorpreneur

Industry updates, tips and tricks for writers in writing, branding, publishing and beyond.

Lifestyle #lifestylepreneur

Lifestyle, mindset, well being, travel, recipes, yoga, meditation. Achieving balance.

Quirks #Quirkster

Observations and stories that may make you laugh or may make you cry. My mishaps, encounters and what I’ve learned.

I’m aiming on publishing one blog piece a week in each category.

Follow Quirks & All Blog and join me for the whole journey or just for the component of the adventure you are interested in.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you as we flow into 2019 and towards 2020,

Quirks & All.

Until next time,

Stay Quirky.





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