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Hi Quirksters,

Quirks and all was started to share insights into my life, hence the quirks, I am a bit of a geeky, goofy nut who is passionate about digital marketing, publishing (it still isn’t old after 27 years of doing both and 31 years in business) and I’m a complete bibliophile. I am also a big kid and I’m keeping it informal here. You can check out my articles and media page, LinkedIn or Medium for more formal pieces (details). I love strategy and lean business, especially organic digital marketing, and business growth and I love seeing others overcome challenges to seize their dreams.

In 2020 in Quirks & All, I’ve divided the blog into four categories and intend (keep me honest here) to publish one in each category each month. If you want to stay in the loop of:

Blogging Book Reviews

(maybe movies and games too)

Book Reviews, knowing me this can incorporate both movie and gaming reviews if they are associated. I’m a member of two physical book clubs who meet monthly. I also read about 150 -200 books a year. (I love sleep, following a car accident with spinal and nerve damage and chronic pain, my sleep is now limited. The bonus is feeding my bibliophile nature and reading lots of books.)

You can treat this like an online book club, let’s keep the conversation flowing on these books. I’d love to know if your thoughts, opinions and reading experience with them. For updates on what I’m reading,  which will be in review make sure you stay in the community by liking and following my Facebook page @CaldwellLiss.

Books have shaped my life in so many ways. I won’t post a bad book review.  I’ve only had three books in this life I wanted to (and one I did) throw out the window for wasting my time. The books that are “meh” I learn from on what not to do, I still won’t be featuring them in reviews. Energy follows thought and intention so I’ll only be reviewing and  giving more of my time and energy to the books I love. Only the positive good stuff here. I have a huge range of reading interests and have decided not to limit or niche it here.  If you are an author, please feel free to connect if you are looking for a reviewed blog.

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 Blogging Writing & Publishing

I am intrigued with writing spaces, author processes, writing, tips and tricks, reader psychology and neuroscience. I am a structural editor and believe it is the most important element to understand as a writer, as it bookends the process from pitch and plotting through the writing process, into editing and beyond to publication and promotion, and I am passionate about the topic. Structural editing is the scaffolding, (thanks Justin Woolley for that line) of your story. I’d love to include some guest author posts and interviews and also interviews with specialists who can provide insights for writers.

The publishing industry is always evolving like the digital landscape so there may be updates and insights. If you are looking for a focussed session to hone in on what you need as a writer and/or author to grow your book business, use efficient and effective digital marketing (I specialise in organic $0 marketing) so that you can live your Authorpreneur lifestyle, please feel free to contact me and we can connect for a 1:1 personal mentor/ coaching session.


Blogging Digital Marketing, Business Growth

Author & Book Branding

I get excited over efficient and effective marketing that works, and it grows from the solid foundations of good branding. I particularly love organic ie $0 marketing and gorilla marketing for business growth. Connecting writers with their reading communities and developing conversations is the best word of mouth for authors. Avoiding the rabbit hole and saving time, money and frustration is invaluable because it gives you more writing time.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, including the platforms your target audience are on, and how they are communicating. From your foundation digital matrix, to SEO, keywords, website design, algorithms and social media –  you can look forward to some tips and tricks and mistakes to avoid. You can also laugh at my bloopers. There’s no fun without laughter.

I run the Writer to Author to Authorpreneur Masterclass for Fiction, Nonfiction and Memoir and am also in the process of launching all my face to face workshops and seminars online. I’m excited about my membership launching before the new financial year, to keep you up to date on all thing social, digital and in publishing. I’m also available for 1:1 sessions to focus in on your book and author branding, SEO, and develop a strategic marketing plan and digital matrix that aligns to your needs.

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Blogging Authorpreneur

Author Mindset, Lifestyle and Writing Wellness

OK, I know it might sound fluffy but without a wholistic approach for me it doesn’t work, I feel I am missing out and not functioning at capacity. An Authorpreneur is someone who can support their chosen lifestyle through their writing endeavours, I’m a multiple stream income believer but all mine tie to writing and digital marketing. My chosen lifestyle means having clear space and mindset to create, travel and live a healthy, happy life. Lifestyle is important to me, I love nature and animals, I also like quality. I incorporate yoga, meditation and see a naturopath, nutritionist, go for massages and facials regularly. For me travel is also important as a person, and also to experience other environments and cultures to expand my life and writing. Positivity and choosing to see challenges instead of obstacles is key for me, as is going at my own pace, my way.

I have had to learn to read and write three times so far in this life and learn to walk twice. I live with a complex nervous system/spinal disorder and chronic pain resulting from a MVA accident twelve years ago. I see this as a challenge I choose to adapt around with my business and life. Often unforeseen challenges related to this are thrown my way and I may address overcoming adversity and challenge in the hopes of inspiring someone else in a similar situation to do the same. My disability is unpredictable, with migraines, spinal collapse so I may miss blog post deadlines, however I am endeavouring not to and scheduling ahead.

My intention is to provide a casual connection to start conversations through the blog. Please feel free to comment and share and let’s keep the conversations flowing.

I am currently updating my website, so info and links will change in the flux.

Thank you for your patience, encouragement and sharing the journey.

Until next time,

Stay Quirky.

Lissie xx

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