Marketing with Heart

Connection is the age old spine of marketing. It’s not new, it underpins all relationships both business and personal. We have experienced a digital revolution in marketing and media, which offers us all the opportunity for connections with our target market globally, increased distance doesn’t diminish or lessen connection.

Marketing with heart is essential to establishing and growing relationships that count, last and remain loyal. With social media the instant word of mouth, how is your tribe representing and influencing your brand?

Branding is about your target market. Are you reaching them? What are they saying about you? Does you current branding have an expanding reach? Is your branding remaining authentic in it’s application? What digital imprint are you leaving? These are all questions that all businesses should be addressing.

Strategic marketing today needs to assess, adapt and action your digital matrix consistently with an actionable blueprint to expand reach and increase conversions with qualified numbers and loyal influencers through marketing with heart. A solid strategic digital marketing plan should result in optimised SEO and can be achieved with a $0 advertising plan.

Business with integrity resonates not only with how you do business but extends to the footprint you are leaving. Are you giving back? Do you and your staff’s actions reflect your values? Are your promises delivered? Is your digital imprint aligned with your vision?

I’ve been supporting businesses twenty four years internationally from small businesses to global companies. I am passionate about supporting you and your business through marketing with heart, bridge the gap between goals and accomplishments.

Let’s connect and collaborate.

Personal Consultations – available Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Eltham or via remote connection on phone or internet.