#AbilityCorp series by author, Liss Caldwell

Can you keep up?

Can this group of misfit students solve the mysteries the world has forgotten?

Remember to breathe,

through this fast – paced adventure.

Arrows in the night.



Transformation or termination.

As an outcast you adapt to function alone, to rely on yourself.

Hidden high on a hill in the Australian bush, the five recruits of The Ability Inc School are learning to embrace their unique qualities and transform them into abilities. They must master the way of the peaceful samurai and grow as a team.


Solve the world’s forgotten mysteries, one legend at a time, retrieve knowledge and build the archive.

Is the folklore true?

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Books 1-3: Initiation, Adaptation, Transformation.

Can they find the Murasaki Scroll?

Celebrating their first win, all is not as it seems. They have been infiltrated. The team fractured. The dojo ransacked. Sensei Rae abducted by ninjas.

Can these misfits find Sensei Rae before he is engulfed by the shadowy figures of his past? Can Ability Inc unite and become Ability Corp -guardians of the archive?

Or will their new home and way of life be lost forever?

#AbilityCorp YA teen book series by Author, Liss Caldwell

0001-4220794974Initiation, the first book in the eleven book #AbilityCorp series is a fast paced, YA novel full of action and adventure whilst initiating conversations on disability (seen and unseen, physical and mental), belonging, identity, mindset, environmental sustainability and demography. The Ability Corp series is a set of social novels that provide resources through the realms of story and character development.

The students of the Ability Inc school must learn the ways of the Samurai whilst developing their own talents as individuals. They must come together as a team to solve the mysteries the world has forgotten, and build the archive for future generations. When their school is infiltrated, the students must learn fast on their feet to survive.