Liss Caldwell ~ Artist

Liss Caldwell is a mixed media artist with a passion for nature.

Influenced by Sumi-e, the Enso, Japanese inks and watercolour dominate large elements of her work. Her loose, intuitive style has developed as a result of embracing her chronic pain and disability which causes hand tremors and can direct her line work and mark making. Her love of literature is etched into her visual works, recording quotes and thoughts of inspiration.

One picture may tell one thousand words, twenty-six letters give you infinite story possibilities, Liss includes thoughts, quotes and words to inspire, connect and uplift through etching, handwriting and mark making into her artworks.

“Creativity and nature have been paramount to my healing journey. I picked up a paintbrush, thirty years plus after high school and started sharing my mistakes on social media, to encourage others who may feel overwhelmed with the artwork by experienced artists. I was happily surprised to receive a number of commission requests that expanded via word of mouth.

I am currently creating towards an exhibition in 2023 that highlights the elements of change and our choice to adapt and grow. Inspired by our environment, and the Australian creatives that have forged the path before us, I hope to uplift, inspire and invoke conversations around positive change including age, gender, disability, diversity, acceptance, inclusion and climate change for environmental protection,” Liss Caldwell.

Liss Caldwell only uses vegan and sustainable art supplies in her creations.