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Nurturing Creatives

Liss Caldwell is a facilitator uniting thirty years within the digital marketing and publishing industries. She has been coaching others for thirty three years initially starting as an equestrian coach, then as a vocational trainer supporting creatives to grow their business, and facilitating writers to authors.


Social novels woven with folklore and nature to inspire and uplift, whilst initiating conversations & community.


Mixed media artist inspired by nature, words, sumi-e and the enso. Creating art for environmental awareness.


Developmental and substantive editing specialising in Supernatural fiction for YA and cross over audiences.

Nurturing nature & creatives to grow, uplift and inspire.

Liss Caldwell

Nutring nature and the creative in us all by uplifting others through progressive, wholistic experiential learning.

Liss is passionate about supporting creatives to bridge the gaps between their goals and accomplishments through organic digital marketing, sustainable practice, and sound business foundations.

Quirks & All Musings

Embracing the perfect imperfect, I share my muse, passions and adventures through my blog.

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