Liss Caldwell – Bio

Liss Caldwell writes contemporary social novels


Liss Caldwell – Author – Editor – Facilitator

Liss Caldwell -Short Bio

Liss is an Author, Structural Editor and Facilitator with 27 years in the publishing and digital marketing industries and 30 years in business. She writes contemporary social novels for children, YA and adults and Non Fiction books on author branding, digital marketing for authors and structural editing. Her YA series,#AbilityCorp initiates conversations on seen and unseen, physical and mental disability.

Liss facilitates Writers to Authors through 1:1 mentoring sessions to support you to navigate your best pathway to publishing, aligned with your personal, book and business goals. From concept, the writing editing, publication and promotion Liss will support you to “Ink your story. Share your book.”

Liss offers one full scholarship worth nearly $9000 to one person annually in either the Fiction, Nonfiction, or Memoir, Writer to Author to Authorpreneur Masterclass.

Her author branding and digital marketing global tours sold out in 2018 and 2019 in 24 hours using $0 organic marketing. Liss has learnt to read and write three times this life and walk twice. Liss lives between Sydney, Brisbane and the Northern Rivers NSW, her property, The Torr – the sanctuary for writers and is situated above The Valley of the Fae. She is a quirky, ditzaphrenic with a growing global menagerie and her son calls her the crazy chook lady.


Liss Caldwell – Author – Editor – Facilitator – Full Bio

Liss Caldwell started her first business at age fifteen as an Equestrian Coach to adults three times her age. Being an equestrian athlete herself, the competitive nature of the business world lured her in. Thirty years later she is still an equestrian coach and has expanded her business repertoire incorporating twenty-four years of mentoring small business owners and not for profits across a range of industries both in Australia and overseas. With a passion of books, business growth and marketing, 2020 sees Liss celebrate thirty years in business and twenty seven years in publishing and digital marketing.

Liss Caldwell – Author

Liss writes contemporary social novels to initiate conversations for positive change, in the genres of YA (#AbilityCorp), children’s and commercial fiction as well as nonfiction on the topics of structural editing, author branding, marketing, wellbeing and living the Authorpreneur lifestyle.

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Published by Ink Slant Books, in Australia and distributed globally via Amazon and available at all good bookstores. (Books without links are either out of stock or w.i.p. and scheduled for 2020-2022.) Check the book page for regular updates.

Teen must read / Young Adult books by Liss Caldwell

#AbilityCorp  Can you keep up? Can they solve the mysteries the world has forgotten?

Ability Corp is an eleven book series, book 1 Initiation was soft released in 2019 in USA, Full release in 2020, book 2 Adaptation pre-order April 2020, Book 3, Transformation is released June 2020 pre-order now, Books 4,5,6 due out September, October, November 2020.

2020GTG It happens on the 20. (release May 2020) 

Adult Commercial Fiction books by Liss Caldwell



Slanted Rain

Sold – 1 Girl


2020 Nonfiction releases by Liss Caldwell

Authentic Author & Book Branding

Digital Marketing for Authors

Structural Editing – Bookend Your Process.

Children’s Books by Liss Caldwell

Roy the Rhino

The Yaks, Bush Tales

No Ordinary Cat

Tell Me My Story

Bees Knees

The truth about Unicorns, Pegasus & Horses.

Dinosaurs Live



Liss Caldwell’s articles on writing, editing and living a creative life have been published  in magazines and newspapers and include but aren’t limited to: Northerly – Byron Bay Writer’s Festival Magazine, Uplift Global Magazine, Arts Quarterly, Verandah Magazine, Echo Newspaper, Heartbeat, AWRK, and more.

Author of Contemporary social Novels to initiate positiv4e change. Children _ YA _ Adult Nonfiction _ Digital Marketing, Author Branding, Authorpreneur Business Growth, Structural Editing

Liss Caldwell – Editor

Structural/ Developmental Editing

Words from Liss: Since 2008, I have specialized as a Structural/Developmental Editor. I  believe structural editing is the most important element to understand as a writer, as it bookends the process from pitch and plotting through the writing process, into editing and beyond to publication and promotion, and I am passionate about the topic. Structural editing is the scaffolding, and the foundation of your story. It is what makes it a page turner, conversational, commercially viable and something people want to share and rave about. I am intrigued by reader psychology and neuroscience which contributes to well rounded manuscript development for my clients to showcase their own voice and story whilst establishing the integrity of story, authenticity of characters and reality of world building through strong narrative arcs. See what Authors I’ve worked with think…

“For me, structural editing turns the page,” Liss Caldwell.

Developmental Editing is mentoring your manuscript before completion, often in the plotting and draft stages.

Structural or Substantive Editing is the first component of the editing process.

I want to give you the best foundation towards publication through an in depth analysis of your complete manuscript. I provide a detailed assessment of the integrity of your novel, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, with recommendations to complete the developmental process before copy editing and proof reading.

Is your manuscript authentic? Does it work? Is it believable? Does it flow in harmony and logically with the reader? As an author have you achieved your intentions for your target audience? Is there internal progression? Are there holes or repetition?

I am looking at the complete being of your work including the components of story, plot, theme, characterization, dialogue, point of view, scene,  voice,  tone, style, pace,  flow, organization, content, time and place, structure and balance.

I treat each manuscript with the utmost respect and confidentiality. I understand the time, love, tears and blood you have inked into your creation. My suggestions provide a professional unbiased view so you can make the final decisions and implement any changes.  Each assessment is unique. My fee reflects your requirements and takes into consideration word length, time frame and developmental stage. I am happy to discuss the possibilities with you.I am happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Magazine Editor

From the humble beginnings of Editor of the grassroots magazine, AWRK (Angel Whispers, Record Keepers) which started as a community mag and went onto international subscriptions, to guest editor of Northerly, the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival Magazine, to Editor in Chief of Heartbeat Magazine, I have thoroughly enjoyed the teams I have had the pleasure to work with and lead in publishing magazines as Editor.


Liss Caldwell – Facilitator

Author of Contemporary social Novels to initiate positiv2e change. Children _ YA _ Adult Nonfiction _ Digital Marketing, Author Branding, Authorpreneur Business Growth, Structural Editing (1)

Focused on empowering entrepreneurs and business owners through education, Liss unites her attitude as an athlete with sport psychology as a coach, background as a teacher and over twenty-seven years in publishing and digital marketing. Liss focuses on using organic $0 marketing and lean business strategy for business growth. The foundation and first building block is always passion and branding.

“The essence of good hasn’t changed ie Connection, Collaboration, Community are the core components. What has changed, is how we all communicate by word of mouth. It’s the same fundamentals applied to the evolving digital landscape with the winds of algorithms & SEO added to keep it exciting. Adapt to thrive.”

– Liss Caldwell

Liss built her first website 27 years ago. A self-professed quirky, geek, with a keen interest in neuroscience, Liss thrives on the evolving digital landscape and loves adapting and forging the path. Her progressive approach allows information to be understood and integrated through relatable examples and language.


Focused on empowering business owners and entrepreneurs through education, Liss delivers dynamic, informative workshops and presents seminars globally to marketing professionals, education and business innovators, marketing leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, publishing professionals and authors. Her 2018, UK and NZ tours presenting “Strategic Digital Marketing” and “Author Branding” seminars sold out in 24 hours and her 2019 USA and Canadian tours did the same, her 2019 USA book tours were well attended, where Liss initiated conversations on overcoming adversity with mindset, mindfulness and attitude. Her YA series #AbilityCorp starts discussions and builds communities for positive change around seen and unseen, mental and physical disabilities, based on her own experiences.

Having successfully founded grassroots and commercial business ventures that have expanded globally, Liss fully comprehends the holistic investment individuals make when starting and developing a business. Combining her background in publishing, teaching literature, sport psychology with marketing and PR, Liss unites her love of writing and communication with her business knowledge to present innovative courses ahead of trends and flux, so you can lead and initiate change.

“Choose to innovate and lead, connect and collaborate,” Liss Caldwell.

Liss specializes in strategic digital marketing campaigns focusing on lean business models, developing a solid digital matrix for optimized SEO, organic content and reach, authentic branding to maximize your digital imprint and $0 social media marketing campaigns to gain traction and influence with your target audience to increase conversions, reach and ROI. Liss will assist you to develop your business, brand, tribe and story with intentions aligned on solid business through connection, relationships, service and community.

“Story is key.”

Liss encourages networking and integration of social media, marketing and brand development skills. Her workshops and seminars have been called the “collaboration class” with long lasting networks being established and students creating the saying “there’s a little bit of Liss in all of us.” Renown as a “patient” and “knowledgeable” facilitator her experiential, hands on workshops have been called “information packed” filled with “gold nuggets”. Liss’s courses are sought out by students keen to complete all available and stay ahead of the pack by innovators, industry leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs and business owners.

In 2020, Liss is launching her courses online so that they are readily available for her wider audiences and more easily accessible.  Your time is important, your investment in a course means that you can watch it at the time that best suits you.

“A Strong network is a diverse network,”

Liss Caldwell.

Having built her businesses on referral and word of mouth, Liss is a strong advocate for networking and is the founder of the Northern Rivers Networkers, a free service provided as a giveback to the community. Northern Rivers Networkers organises free events for the Northern Rivers business collective to “connect and collaborate, over coffee or cocktails, in gold company, with good conversation. A diverse network is a strong network.” NRN was founded in 2015 and remains the only independent free networking group in the Northern Rivers NSW.   Created to facilitate business growth in the Northern Rivers business collective region by hosting networking events, social media opportunities for businesses, online directory and Heart and Hub, the online  magazine. Informal networking gatherings encourage natural connections and conversation flow, following a 90 second pitch entrepreneurs share experiences, skills and celebrate their wins, whilst supporting others and building a strong referral base.

“Strong business comes from growing from an innate sense of community.”

Liss Caldwell

Within publishing, Liss has been a presenter at industry events speaking on Author Branding, Digital Marketing and Structural Editing and has held positions of Editor In Chief and Structural Editor.  Liss focuses on assisting writers to become authors through, manuscript development, profile and platform development and navigating pathways to publishing.

NaïVeté (1)

Liss is a published Children’s, New Adult, Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction Author. As a fiction author her focus is on writing social novels to raise environmental awareness and contemporary social issues to start conversations.

As a Vocational Trainer, Liss designs progressive courses to empower individuals and businesses through knowledge, understanding and skill building. A dynamic presenter, her services are sought at national business, marketing and author/publishing conferences and festivals including but not limited to Genre Con, Nat Con, Small Business Expo, Fall for Indie Authors Festival. Liss, was the presenter for the, In Good Company campaign, run in alignment with the Commonwealth Games and Goldoc, an interactive, digital skill building initiative founded by the NSW Chamber of Commerce and partnered by the councils of the Northern Rivers region including Tweed Shire, Byron Shire, Ballina Shire, Lismore City, Richmond Valley, Kyogle and Clarence Valley. The interactive, seven week live program created an evergreen resource packed library for the NSW Chamber of Commerce to benefit businesses of the Northern Rivers region for years to come.

Liss’s courses support you to stay savvy with a mindset, skill set and entrepreneurial focus needed to adapt and thrive in today’s world. Facilitating tomorrows leaders to be innovators and business owners with integrity, authentic branding and marketing with heart.

Liss’s aim is to facilitate you to bridge the gaps between goals and accomplishments, to move from where you are to where you want to be.

Secure your place in a class, workshop or seminar with Liss and join us to “Connect and Collaborate.” 2020 sees Liss continuing to expand her global audience and speaking events. To allow more people to benefit from her workshops, her live workshops will now be run online unless available on tour. Follow the Facebook page, the blog to stay in the loop. If you are looking for focussed strategic assistance for your specific pathway book a 1:1 session, available online.

Words from Liss

I am an Author, Structural Editor and Facilitator who specializes in Strategic Digital Marketing.

I specialise in strategic digital marketing for authors and entrepreneurs. I assist business owners bridge the gap between goals and accomplishments through  strategic marketing, performance psychology and proactive business management. Maintaining business integrity and an authentic brand focused on eco-commerce as opposed to ego-commerce is essential for myself and my clients.


Everyone has a story to tell.  I am here to support and assist you on your creative journey, taking you from where you are, to where you want to be. I encourage you to be the hero in your story and innovate your writing life. This is equally import for businesses marketing their brand and business story.


My blog, Quirks & All, is reflective of the thoughts and adventures in my creative life. Being a Ditzaphrenic (a term my son coined referring to someone who repels technology and suffers from ditzy accidents daily) I hope to share resources, laughs and inspiration in my pursuit of the creative life through business, digital marketing, writing, reading, movies, yoga, meditation, gardening, baking, sewing, animals and nature.


I’m a complete nut. We are all crazy here. I think I would be a pistachio.

I am a bibliophile. It’s not hoarding if it’s books, it’s building a library. It’s for future generations. It’s not hoarding if it’s purchasing land for wildlife either.

Books saved me too many times to count.

I’ve told stories since before I could write.

I have had to learn to read and write three times and learn to walk twice in this lifetime so far, following a life and death experience at sixteen and a motor vehicle accident in my thirties which left me disabled. I am passionate about living life to the fullest, no matter what the variables are. Our quality of life is a choice, no matter what our circumstances, we get to choose to make the most of what we have and what to prioritize.

My first creative writing teacher was Bryce Courtenay when I was in year six. Bryce taught me that the most important tool in your arsenal as a writer is bum glue and the power of choice. How are you prioritizing your time?

I thrive in creative chaos. It’s not clutter if you can find what you are looking for. I need to see all my outlines, visual prompts and character drawings when I write.

I am passionate about the earth and her animals.

I live with a herd and menagerie which currently includes four horses, roosters,  hens, three dogs and a cat. I also foster a growing global menagerie which includes a rhino, 3 elephants, ostrich and giraffe.

My favorite authors of all time are Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Gaskell, Jane Austen, Jilly Cooper, Kate Forsyth, JK Rowling, Deborah Harkness and Gabrielle Lord. My favorite books as a kid were written by Ruby Ferguson, Beatrix Potter and Enid Blyton. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell and Little Women by Louisa May Alcott both scarred me for life. Wuthering Heights always haunted me and I have always enjoyed reading and watching Shakespeare.

I’ve never grown up and love all things Disney, Harry Potter and Pixar. I did once push my son out of the way on his birthday at Disney in Paris so I could hug Goofy. I got really excited.

My first car was a Gumby green, escort panel van. She was named Eskie.



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