Moving into 2020 sees me heading into my 27th year in the publishing and digital marketing industry and 30 years in business. I have been lucky to have connected, worked and collaborated with so many inspiring authors, industry professionals and brands. From writers, authors, publishers, business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs here is what they are saying based on their experiences.

Writers, Authors and Publishing

Reviews on Liss Caldwell as an Editor and Facilitator from the publishing industry.


“I have known Liss Caldwell for a year. In that time she’s read my second historical novel, Blind Fall, before its contract. She gave me very useful advice regarding what it needed on both on emotional and structural levels. She has also given excellent insights into the publishing industry and on promotion, which I desperately needed, knowing very little about it. She’s pointed out places to promote both my work and myself, and how to brand myself as a new mainstream author. She is professional, kind and honest. Through her I’m learning more daily about the new world of publishing, and seeing my work growing in the best possible way. I would have no hesitation in recommending her, both as an editor and in PR.”


Lisa Chaplin, Author of The Tide Watchers, HarperCollins
Aka Melissa James, Author of over 20 novels.

“Liss’s feedback about my best-selling fantasy novel, IRON was amazingly helpful. Some great thoughts on how to tighten the structure and story arc. So useful. She was also a handy crash-test dummy when I was working out the content of my non-fiction book, ‘Fight Like a Girl – writing Fight scenes for female characters.

Aiki Flinthart  Author of The Kalima Chronicles, The Ruadhan Sidhe Series,

“Tip o’ the hat to Liss, whose feedback on the manuscript almost exactly a year ago helped convince me to go ahead with making this book. “- Simon Groth

Ex-libris by Simon Groth 

Ex Libris is a novel containing twelve chapters that can be shuffled into any order, yet will always present as a cohesive story arc.

It is being made into a print run where each individual copy contains chapters that have been arranged at random, each one a unique version of the story, created just for you.

Believe it or not, this story has nearly half a billion possible combinations. Each copy will be one of a kind, yet all of them will tell the same story.

Simon Groth Author


“I attended one of Liss’ training workshops in 2018 in Lismore. This was the catalyst that gave me the confidence to follow my dreams as a writer. Liss’ experience and expertise was just what I needed at the time. I appreciated her friendly  and personal yet professional approach. She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Since then I have self published one book, published four training manuals and launched an online magazine. Highly recommend”
Del Marie Mcalister
Editor of Inspire Magazine

“Liss Caldwell’s writing and editing advice was invaluable whilst I was writing Book 1. Seraphympire ~Guardians of the Gateways, she helped ensure the story made sense and pointed out where the story could be cut down and tightened during the final stages of rewriting. If not for Liss, I’m sure I wouldn’t have stuck it out. On many occasions, I wanted to give up and throw in the towel, but her insight and encouragement saw me through and kept me going, her opinions and thoughts have and will always be, priceless.”
Renee SpyrouAuthor Seraphympire

“In all the years I have known Liss Caldwell, she has impressed me with her passion, her ethics, and her generosity. Liss not only has an astute editorial eye and a thorough understanding of narrative structure, she also has that very rare of gifts – the ability to simultaneously impart knowledge and inspire others. As an editor, she is thorough and insightful; as a writing coach and mentor, she is honest, positive, and encouraging. I recommend her services highly.” Sib Duff, Author / Editor

Author Liss Caldwell Adelaide Dymocks Tapestry Fiona McIntosh books


Quote taken from, Letters to the Editor, Heartbeat Magazine (Liss Caldwell, Editor in Chief 2016 -2017)

“…Can we have a round of applause please for Liss and her team!” Fiona McIntosh, Author


“Liss has such high spirits and energy that brings her passions to life. She is very experienced and knowledgeable about everything incorporated in her professions and is willing to share her wisdom with those who ask for guidance and support.”

A. Shilou – Romance Author


“I loved every minute of the course I attended with Liss Caldwell at the helm. Everything she said seemed to open a new door, inspire a new idea and make me feel YES! I can do this! Liss is one of those rare people who can share her expertise and talent in a relatable and personalized way.”

Belinda Grace, Author.

“Liss got me started on my social media path as an author. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for marketing were foreign territory to me. After Liss’s course on digital marketing I had three new accounts and the confidence to start posting away. I am still drawing on the practice, encouragement and inspiration I gained then.”

David Roland  author of, The Power Of Suffering and How I Rescued My Brain.


“Liss Caldwell’s insight into the world of contemporary publishing meant I was getting expert advice that zeroed in on the precise market for my work and helped me maximize the full potential of my manuscript. Liss helped me craft an exact tailored brand that was perfect for what I was writing, and one ripe for the current market.”

Steve Hocking, Author 


“After discussing what type of assessment I wanted for my manuscript, Liss provided me with detailed feedback that was thorough and professional. She was also happy to discuss her thoughts and suggestions at length. Liss has many contacts in the industry which has proved to be beneficial as it is difficult to get a foot in the door. I found it to be a very valuable experience and her ongoing support has been amazing.”

Joanna Burns, Emerging Author


“Her professionalism, knowledge and honest criticism gave me just what I was looking for to help me tighten my piece and make it better.  She is the best!”
Cheryl K, Emerging Author


“Liss is simply amazing. She is focused, organised and methodical and when she sets a goal, she goes for it whole-heartedly. She lives what she preaches, and it is inspiring to see her constantly overcoming the curved balls life has thrown her. I unreservedly recommend her services in whatever capacity you require. If Liss can do it, she will help you to do it too.”

Leanne Albers, Copy Editor

Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Marketers

Reviews on Liss Caldwell from experiential workshop participants attended by business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers updating their digital marketing skills and for business growth strategy.

“Liss Caldwell provided a very engaging presentation to Sourdough Business Women.

The audience was happy to go over time, they asked many questions and were very
appreciative of Lisss approach.” – Sourdough Business Women Premier Event
Fiona Sheridan


“Lovely to have you in the College, the feedback was fantastic!”
Michelle Dawes

“This course was totally jam-packed with mind blowing information. Liss was approachable and provided up-to-the-minute advice.”

“Liss is funy, approachable and informed. She presented a huge amount of up-to-date info.”

Dr. Zewlan Moor, Byron Bibliotherapy


“I first met Liss a few years ago, when she taught a social media for business and a blogging course. I found Liss to be an engaging teacher , who clearly knows her stuff. Last year I needed someone to edit my 12000 word submission for the NSW Regional  Tourism, Liss was my first port of call, she turned around quality work with a short deadline, I went on to win gold in for the award.  I highly recommend Liss, she is very knowledgeable, professional and fun.”

Wendy Bithell

Vision Walks – Byron Bay Eco Tours



“Northern Rivers Netwokers provided me with a supportive, inclusive and welcoming place to land when I took my first steps out into the networking world and this is all down to Liss. It is through her dedication, commitment and organising that these events take place. Liss’s willingness to share information and promote small business and give us a platform to share our ‘wares’ is vital to anyone who is a small business owner. Liss gets things done in a skilled and optimistic way.”

Jo Cooper, Relational Psychotherapist, Circle Keeper, Business Owner.

Wild Counsel  Wild Circle

“I’ve run my business for 10 years now with a 25 year career behind me implementing traditional marketing and sales campaigns.  I’m confident with my skills and understanding in those areas.   However I’ve always felt behind the eight ball with digital marketing – social media marketing in particular.

I attended a business workshop in Ballina featuring a number of speakers – all authorities in their niches.  Liss Caldwell spoke about social media.  Liss framed the main social media avenues, benefits and nuances of each,  content considerations as well as key dos and don’ts.  Her talk was engaging, interesting and fun. I was inspired!  So much so I booked a 1:1 consultation with Liss to talk about my business specifically.  I learned so much and walked away with a head full of ideas and strategies for my website and social media plan.  Liss simplified the muddle, helped me solve my confusion and see a clear way forward.  I will go back to her from time to time for a refresher and update to keep me on track!”

Juliette Meyers



“Working as a Naturopath for over 10 years, I realised that changing our perception of health from “it happens to me” to owning it and shining in your health power would take more than face to face consultations.

Liss has not only introduced social media, she has made social media accessible and inspiring and has given me the tools to create a public presence beyond my clinic. This helps me reach more people to empower them to revive their health. Thank you Liss.”

Alison Millican

Lighthouse Naturopathy



“Working with Liss is always fun and informative. Each session I’ve had has inspired me to keep going and not give up on the social media world. Her knowledge on the subject always produces results.”

Laila Helena owner Organics Love & Co and Grow Naturopathy and Planet Schooling


“A relaxed approach to imparting a truckful of knowledge & skills enable me to absorb an enormous amount.”

Rebecca Torrens, Social Media for Business, Byron Community College.

“Fantastic content – so much information – very comprehensive.” Julia Chant

“I was very fascinated with the info you had to share. Thanks. First thing I did when I got to my office was to book in for the Social Media for Business Course in Lismore. Looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks so much.”

Melanie Dane

Free Spirit Group


“Liss turned darkness to Light! After struggling for months with a tech and email problem that was connected to my website, Liss gave me the insights and guidance I required in half an hour! If you want to cut through the jargon and save yourself a tonne of time, angst and money then contact Liss and forget the rest.”

Belinda Grace, East Ballina, NSW.

“Liss was able to deliver this content easily and effectively to those who wanted to learn, listen and practise the format. Liss was extremely patient considering the limited time to deliver such a complex course, to many levels and many learning issues amongst the students.”

Sarah-Jane McGrath Artist


“Liss Caldwell is a very kind, supportive, caring and knowledgeable person who streamlines her business knowledge to suit the individual. We have worked together for 18 months now on Social Media, Blogging and a new website and I more than happy to recommend her to anyone. Over this 18 month period I have blogged and thanked her on several occasions as without her help I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


Business Owner of Byron Bay’s premier crystal, gemstone and unique gifts shop.

Heart of the Bay

Heart of the Earth


“Excellent coverage – made what was a challenging topic so much easier.”

Greg Owens


“Very well taught, thorough but not overwhelming.”

Lesley Traverso

“Very informative, and now have confidence to set up my own website.”

Robyn Robotham, Byron Community College

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“Liss covered a lot in a short time. Liss was very helpful and was keen to make sure we had all questions answered.”

Sharon Muir Artist and Visual Arts Teacher

Byron Community College

download (16)



“I joined Northern Rivers Networkers in 2019. and in a short time have already made some beautiful connections.
I love the warm welcome I received and feel very comfortable at the gatherings.

The venue ‘Eltham Pantry’ is perfect to meet and connect, enjoying networking and if you feel to having morning tea or lunch there is plenty of time to share your passions and get to know everyone.

Liss you hold the group so well, thank you for the great effort you put in to keep this network successful!”

Julie Nelson Artisan Perfumer


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