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#AbilityCorp YA teen book series by Author, Liss Caldwell

Liss Caldwell – Author

Liss writes contemporary social novels to initiate conversations for positive change, in the genres of YA (#AbilityCorp), children’s and commercial fiction as well as nonfiction on the topics of structural editing, author branding, marketing, wellbeing and living the Authorpreneur lifestyle.

Liss’s books are published by Ink Slant Books, in Australia and distributed globally via Amazon and available at all good bookstores. Signed copies, with swag will be available from this website. (Books without links are either out of stock or w.i.p. and scheduled for 2020-2022.)

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“I always knew I wanted to be an author. I used to write stories for my little sister to escape into. Tabu my first complete novel (finished 24 years ago) has been written as a memoir, fiction, and nonfiction resource and recently rewritten as women’s fiction, due to it’s nature, it is sitting on a shelf waiting for the right time. My other books have all been in the works over the past 26 years and seem to have all come together at once. 

Having to learn to read, write and walk again was a challenge but I am happy to be seeing these books birthed in 2020 and 2022. I have to give huge thanks to my son, Nathaniel who I would not be here without. As a single mum, entrepreneur, when I went down and suddenly become disabled, Nat stepped up. He was in year six primary school. He grew up listening to Roy the Rhino stories, I am glad they will be back out in the world this year.

Releasing #AbilityCorp has given me so much joy, when on tour in USA, I was fortunate enough to talk with youth and physically and mentally challenged community members and their carers. More than once I was thanked for creating heroes that were disabled. It was really important to me to have seen and unseen physical and mental disabilities represented. I hope the series not only starts conversations, I hope the books also provide resourses whilst offering entertainment, education and escape.” 

Teen must read / Young Adult books by Liss Caldwell

#AbilityCorp  Can you keep up? Can they solve the mysteries the world has forgotten?

Ability Corp is an eleven book series, book 1 Initiation was soft released in 2019 in USA, Full release in 2020, book 2 Adaptation pre-order April 2020, Book 3, Transformation is released June 2020 pre-order now, Books 4,5,6 due out September, October, November 2020.

2020GTG It happens on the 20. (release May 2020)

Adult Commercial Fiction books by Liss Caldwell



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Children’s Books by Liss Caldwell

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