Structural Editing

Structural or Substantive Editing is the first component of the editing process.

I want to give you the best foundation towards publication through an in depth analysis of your complete manuscript. I provide a detailed assessment of the integrity of your novel, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, with recommendations to complete the developmental process before copy editing and proof reading.

Is your manuscript authentic? Does it work? Is it believable? Does it flow in harmony and logically with the reader? As an author have you achieved your intentions for your target audience? Is there internal progression? Are there holes or repetition?

I am looking at the complete being of your work including the components of story, plot, theme, characterization, dialogue, point of view, scene,  voice,  tone, style, pace,  flow, organization, content, time and place, structure and balance.

I treat each manuscript with the utmost respect and confidentiality. I understand the time, love, tears and blood you have inked into your creation. My suggestions provide a professional unbiased view so you can make the final decisions and implement any changes.  Each assessment is unique. My fee reflects your requirements and takes into consideration word length, time frame and developmental stage. I am happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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