Developmental & Structural/ Substantive Editing

Liss facilitates writers to authors through manuscript development, substantive/structural editing, and navigating pathways to publishing aligned with your book, business and personal goals based on an author brand that resonates with the authentic you.

Developmental Editing is mentoring your manuscript before completion, often in the plotting and draft stages.

Structural or Substantive Editing is the first component of the formal editing process.

Developmental Editing is a part of the plotting, outlining and writing of your manuscript a partner to assist you to get the bones of your story on paper. Save time money frustration and overwhelm by using efficient and effective tools and techniques. I want to give you the best foundation towards publication through an in depth analysis of your complete manuscript. I provide a detailed assessment of the integrity of your synopsis and chapter outline, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, with recommendations to guide you through writing your first draft and complete the developmental process before structural editing.

Structural or Substantive Editing is the first component of the formal editing process. As a substantive editor (one who edits the structure of your story for authenticity including; world building and lore, character development, pacing, story arcs, plot and subplot effectiveness, reader psychology) my aim is to ensure the integrity of your writing holds firm, whilst creating a commercially viable novel.

Is your manuscript authentic? Does it work? Is it believable? Does it flow in harmony and logically for the reader? As an author, have you achieved your intentions for your target audience? Is there internal progression? Are there holes or repetition? I am looking at the complete being of your work including the components of story, plot, theme, characterization, dialogue, point of view, scene,  voice,  tone, style, pace,  flow, organization, content, time and place, structure and balance.

Since 2008, I have specialized as a Structural/Developmental Editor. I  believe structural editing is the most important element to understand as a writer, as it bookends the process from pitch and plotting through the writing process, into editing and beyond to publication and promotion, and I am passionate about the topic. Structural editing is the scaffolding, and the foundation of your story. It is what makes it a page turner, conversational, commercially viable and something people want to share and rave about. I am intrigued by reader psychology and neuroscience which contributes to well rounded manuscript development for my clients to showcase their own voice whilst establishing the integrity of story, authenticity of characters and reality of world building through strong narrative arcs. 

I treat each manuscript with the utmost respect and confidentiality. I understand the time, love, tears and blood you have inked into your creation. My suggestions provide a professional unbiased view so you can make the final decisions and implement any changes.  Each assessment is unique. My fee reflects your requirements and takes into consideration word length, time frame and developmental stage.

I am happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Let’s connect and collaborate.

Liss Caldwell’s articles on writing, editing and living a creative life have been published  in magazines and newspapers and include but aren’t limited to: Northerly – Byron Bay Writer’s Festival Magazine, Uplift Global Magazine, Arts Quarterly, Verandah Magazine, Echo Newspaper, Heartbeat, AWRK, and more.

See reviews and testimonials from others who have worked with Liss Caldwell.

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