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Digital Marketing FOMO

Are you being driven by fear? Are you constantly worrying about if you are on top? Are you looking at numbers and followers? Have you fallen down the social media hole? Are you paying for unqualified numbers? Are you stuck in a comparison whirl wind that is getting you nowhere fast?

Stop. Breathe & Regroup

SEO changes over 400 times/ year you have no chance of keeping up. If you are being driven by FOMO or fear of not performing if you don’t boost, buy, promote, stop and look more closely at your numbers and conversion rates. Have a look at you ROI is it actually working for you or is it draining your resources with little or no return?

Increasing your reach, engaging your target audience and growing your tribe can all be achieved with a $0 social media and strategic digital marketing campaign. I’m talking about organic posts to reach qualified leads who convert into true influences for your brand. Yes, I’m even insisting on original content and native images, quality resources and you/your business as an authentic brand. Using solid marketing practices to ensure your leads are qualified and you are constantly expanding your spheres of influence for brand growth with integrity.

Digital Marketing Results & Returns

The cycle of lead to sale and WOM marketing has changed and is in constant evolution. Are your cold, warm and hot leads converting to sales and influences? Is your ROI including your own time delivering results? If not, your marketing strategy needs an overhaul. If you are not sure, you need to harness a digital audit and assess what you have, how it is working and the digital imprint you are leaving. We are in business and money is not a dirty word, it is an exchange of energy whether that is a physical exchange of product or an exchange of time as a service. The exchange and the marketing efforts to generate that are measurable.

Be Real. Be True. Be You

Marketing and good business is and has been always based on connection and relationships. How are your digital relationships? How is your relationship with digital media? Are you pretending to be something or someone that isn’t you?

Our current market trends are being directed largely my Millennials and GenZ or NewGen and both gens have a healthy adversity to advertisements and that includes your boosts and sponsored ads. Are you pouring your money down a boost drain? Are you paying to keep someone in commissions?

Key questions to ask yourself as you move forward and plan for 2018/2019 strategic marketing plans is what are you giving back? How are you resonating? What digital imprint are you leaving? Is your brand aligned with your vision?

Too many questions and not enough answers secure a 1:1 Strategic Digital Marketing session and we can collaborate in person in Brisbane, Sydney, Eltham, Byron Bay, Lismore or via the internet or phone to get you Marketing with Heart™

2017-09-25 11.53.08If you live in the Northern Rivers NSW, Australia join me for a

Masterclass in SocialMedia

Let’s connect and collaborate soon,

Stay quirky.



2 thoughts on “Social Media Today

  1. Hi Liss, Found your session this morning at the Ballina RSL really, really interesting. Although there was quite a bit that I didn’t understand, I was very fascinated with the info you had to share. Thanks. First thing I did when I got to my office was to book in for the Social Media for Business Course in Lismore. Looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks so much. Best regards, Melanie


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